In order to help boost the end of the year purchasing for we always run a black Friday sale. Sadly in past years most folks don't find out about it until its over. This year we have decided to run the sale for half of the month of November. This means that on top of the free shipping already in place until 2013 we will refund 10% of all purchases on our site no matter what the items as long as you email us and notify us that you are aware of the sale within 24 hours of the purchase.
There is no purchase or product limit! If you buy 1 million dollars worth I will refund $100,000

We are only advertising this on our active forums and our Facebook page. IF YOU WANT THIS DISCOUNT YOU HAVE TO EMAIL ME AT ANDY@IRONMAN4X4FAB.COM AFTER YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN 24 HOURS!

I will not tell anyone that calls in about this or advertize on our site. This is for forums and Facebook only! The Sale is officially started as of 12 am November 14, 2012 and ends 12 am November 30, 2012

All parts are included in this sale listed on site and unlisted. Here are some of the custom options we also provide unlisted on the site: