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    Quote Originally Posted by Candymancan View Post
    Check out this guys channle. The guy i mentioned about where he said he prefers the Jeep, he has tons of vids with the 5.2 in the desert
    oh man I love the sound of that thing wide open!

    Go Wolfgang Go!

    I guess this is a totally different Jeep here but still - incredible to see it looking so stable at those speeds

    Jeep Speed Chase from chase car - YouTube
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    As far as stock rim size, all 93 - 95 are 15", 96 - 98 Laredos are 15", 96 - 98 Limited/Orvis/5.9/TSi are 16".
    1998 ZJ 5.9 Limited - Deep Slate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z88Z View Post
    oh man I love the sound of that thing wide open!

    His is actually just down to the Y pipe and thats it

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    that makes me realllllly want to take it to the dunes or snow where can run it all out!
    5.9 Magnum Powered ZJ Limited. The Pinnacle of Perfection.

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