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    Input shaft 249 to 231 swap

    So here goes, hopefully a smart guy can help me out here.

    I have a '96zj with 5.2. I want to swap out the current 249 t-case to the 231. My current 249 transfer case has the .840 input shaft.

    So... i pulled a 231 from a junkyard off of a '94zj with the 4.0. (kind of a rare find... usually the grands are all quadra drive with the 249....)

    Anyways, this 231 t-case also has the .840 input shaft, so everything is good, right??


    The tail shaft of the transmission does not go all the way into the 231 because there is a step on the output shaft of the t-case, about 2 inches from the opening. There is no step on my 249.

    I've read tons and tons of forums and haven't heard anyone running into this issue. I don't have a big issue swapping out the input shafts, but i'm told there was a gear cut change mid '94, and i'm sure that my '96 will be the newer, and if my luck stays consistent, the '94 t-case will have the old style.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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    post a pic of the build tag
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    Welcome to SF! This post belongs in the tech questions section, but I'm sure it can be moved by a mod/admin.

    Please post pics of the "step" you're talking about.

    I would think that that 231 has the short input. (your 249 has the medium sized input) However, according to, it could any of three different lengths.

    You're dead on about the annulus, planetary, and sun gear cut change. The annulus (large gear) is in the rear case (larger portion) and the sun and planets are part of the input shaft.

    If you put your 249's input into the 231's case and it doesn't feel and sound smooth (you'll know right away), then you have a different gear cut situation.

    I've never seen a 231 apart, but with the 249 and 242s, you can use the rear cases interchangeably, given you drill a hole to access the shift rail pin. I would compare the cases of both and see if you could make a mut case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csouers View Post
    Welcome to SF! This post belongs in the tech questions section, but I'm sure it can be moved by a mod/admin....

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