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    Go to the 1/4 mile times post in the racing section. 3 out of the top 4 are on the bottle. Just sayin'
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    The Schrader valve port is perfectly fine for the smaller shots of nitrous. If you go above 75-100 it may be a good idea to go to a better spot but i have seen 150-250 ran off of the Schrader port so i guess it really doesn't matter.
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    Hey y'all new here... I have the 125 shot ZEX wet kit and spray often hooked right up to the Schrader port I have yet to have any issues besides a backfire when in 4lo from 1st to 2nd gear nothing happened and problem has not come back. My dodge ram with same 5.9 never a problem and going on 3 years. Just my experience with it. Preferably timing needs to be retarded my jeep is all stock besides air intake exhaust and under drive pulley my ram the timing is advanced with Mopar computer but again I've been fine. Go for it just remember that anything can happen

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