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    Quote Originally Posted by backhalfeds10 View Post
    you got such a good deal on the supercharger you could probaly sell it for more than you payed and use the money made to turbo your jeep for free it is super easy. 7
    Not a bad idea

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    I know i try

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrinklechops View Post
    Good ideas man. I will have to try that but I have a bad feeling there isn't enough engine bay room for that? Even if they could line up?

    I'm now looking into turbos from diesel trucks... like the Holset series off Cummins diesels. This one on eBay came off a 6.7 Cummins truck:
    You are slowly getting to the right track...

    I have been looking at this for a while now. Some will remember previous threads I have made back at the other watering hole. I have a Holset He351ve. That I picked up a few years back; with the intention of mounting it under the hood and running an external wasegate. None of that seemed very feasable or cost effective. This is a huge Turbo and has VNT contol that is CAN based from the original app. ecm to command exhaust vane position on the fly=change boost asap.

    I am slowly looking at remote mounting and setting up a CAN controller to run two stages of boost based on a second MAP sensor in the manifold.

    Also because of the VNT this turbo has direct mounted electronics they need to be cooled by coolant (engine or other). 15mm ports.

    Since this Turbo is big it is also VERY heavy. If you plan to hang this only by your exhaust please plan on using .25" wall tube...

    Some other links that may help with the Holset HE351ve

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    Did anyone ever go anywhere with this?
    95 zj 5.2
    98 zj 5.9
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitrdone View Post
    Did anyone ever go anywhere with this?
    Can't remember exactly where it is but if you check Daryl/quikzj's thread from a month or two back - he's finishing up the installation on his (his fabricated upturned headers are stone cold killer!!!)

    ....and I believe Rob/comptiger is planning a turbo build but I'm not sure how far he actually is into the "materials" part of it or if he's posted much about his plans

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