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    1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9

    cross driller rotors, ceramic pads
    Monroe mono tubes up country
    Up Country coils
    Caddy urethane rear sway bar links
    Zone steering stabilizer
    Gibson cat back
    Jegs 8.8mm wires
    Bosch quads
    Black out clear headlight combo
    100/120 watt 9004s
    Yellow fog lights clear euro
    satin blk painted grille
    Direct wire headlight harness
    JVC head unit W/sirius n I-pod interface
    MB Quart seperates fore and aft
    M/A audio amps, 800watts
    Interior LED conversion

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    recently purchased a 5.9 started working on it plenty to go though.

    new cross drilled rotors
    k&n airfilter
    kenwood head deck
    replaced the stock infinity gold speakers w/ 6 6" infinity reference
    powered by a memphis amp
    2 rockford fosgate P1s on a rockford amp

    wanting to add some speed to the ride. any suggestions?

    other things on the list
    xfer case swap from the 249 to the 231 or 242...comments?
    4" longarm lift with 2" coil spacers
    31" tires
    steel bumpers on both ends w/ winch plate
    safari rack
    kcs all around
    and emergency light bar

    just to start.

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    • Stock 5.9 with stock bottom end
    • Enginequest 2.02 heads (EQ Iron Rams from Odessa)
    • 1.7 Harland Sharp roller rockers
    • Comp 20-744-9 Cam
    • Stock TB (for now, getting a 52mm when summer comes)
    • Stock kegger, might be modding one this summer
    • SCT Tuned
    • Exhaust is 2.25" downpipes off the stock manifolds, merged to 3" into a Magnaflow cat, Flowmaster 70 and Kolak tailpipe finished in the stock 5.9 tip
    • Stock 46re with MSaine valve body, big cooler, and radiator cooler bypassed, and soon to get a B&M tranny pan plus temp gauge
    • 242 t-case from a 97 4.0 ZJ
    • Stock axles and gears
    • Power steering cooler
    • Griffin all-aluminum radiator ($$$$$, but seems pretty well worth it)

    • Stock front coils
    • V8 ZJ upcountry rear coils
    • MX6 shocks (setting 4 up front, 6 rear)
    • Stock swaybars

    • E-codes with 100/55 bulbs (going in this week)
    • IPF 840 85w yellow fog lights in place of stock
    • Harbor freight 100w long range lights and IPF 968 100w lights on the front, triggered with high beams
    • Auxilliary 55w reverse lights under the bumper

    • Cobra 148GTL CB with PA horn hidden in the front bumper
    • 1500w power inverter under rear seats with switch mounted on back of center console. Outlets on back of center console and in cargo area
    1998 ZJ 5.9 Limited - Deep Slate
    Mods: Big trans cooler, 231 swap, Indy MA-X heads prepped by IMM, Comp 20-744-9 cam, 1.7 HS roller rockers, 52mm TB, Airgap manifold, DT headers and full 3" exhaust, SCT tune homebrewed by me, Martin Saine valve body, B&M tranny pan, magic suspension made from unicorn tears, power steering cooler, lots of lighting mods

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    Bought my second 5.9 in December. This car is my Eleanor. After totaling the one I drove as a kid every time I get near one it disappears before I can get my hands on it. Finally landed one that needs a lot of love but may just work(knock on wood). So here goes;

    Bought bone stock except maybe shift kit???? Carfax shows two rebuilds in 2 years. It just shoves(not slams) through the shifts. Friend of mine owns a local tranny shop and really thinks thats the case.

    Hughes plenum repair
    Accel coil
    Taylor 8.8 wires
    K&N drop-in
    GMB performance water pump
    180* thermostat
    high speed fan wired to perma-on
    driver side vent anchor dremeled for cooling(worked ALOT more than I expected doing just the one. Other side has tons of electronics under it.)

    2" BB
    245/70/16 Duro Envoys
    random thicker sway bar links from local shop
    Rancho 5000's
    Rancho SS

    Side cladding delete and tab shave(waiting for paint)

    Pioneer head unit
    Alpine Type R's all the way around
    Superfat guy got in a wreck rocking driver seat mod

    Iron ram heads
    Full kolak exhaust
    SCT tune
    Still deciding between AEM Brute force vs K&N CAI
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    Comprehensive Modification List

    Nowhere to be found:
    Roof rack delete
    Rear wiper delete
    Skid plate delete
    Tow hook delete
    Cruise control delete
    VIC delete
    TC shifter delete
    Hood insulation delete
    Header heat shield delete
    Under hood light delete
    AC delete (compressor, condenser, dryer, and lines under the hood)
    Factory amp delete

    Under the hood:
    Accel coil
    8mm wires
    Copper plugs
    Edlebrock intake filter
    Pre-96 PS pump and bracket
    Short serpentine belt (to go with AC delete)
    PS cooler
    180* thermostat
    Homemade 51mm (2&rdquo TB
    Dual tone (WJ) horn

    H&R 4.0 lowering springs
    Crown isolators
    Crown HD steering linkage
    Monroe shocks
    Rancho SS
    Bridgestone Dueler HTs 235/70r16s

    New carpet with fiberglass insulation from
    PeelAndSeal sound insulation everywhere
    Pyle PRO component speakers (because I’m broke)
    JVC headunit with Bluetooth
    Agate WJ front seats
    Rubber washers between all of the trim/body panels and the body to eliminate rattling
    2WD cubbys for where the VIC and TC shifter used to be

    No name cat
    No name aluminized glasspack

    Repairs (replaced with OEM stuff):
    New alternator
    New water pump
    New radiator
    Radiator lines
    Bypass hose
    Valve cover/intake pleunum/fuel injector/waterpump/thermostat gaskets
    Rosewood front bumper

    Differential covers (red with chrome bolts)
    Undercarriage has been coated (black)
    Wheel wells (black)
    Steering linkage (red)
    Shocks/SS (silver)
    Wheels (silver)
    Valve covers (red)
    Water pump (red)
    Accessory bracket (red)
    Alternator (red)
    Intake manifold (silver with chrome bolts)
    Fuel rails (silver)
    Edelbrock intake filter (red)
    Brake calipers (red)
    Under-hood (mopar "m")
    Louvers (silver)
    Drip trays (red with black "MOPAR" stencil

    Short term goals (this year):
    1999BlkDakRT 52mm TB
    Evap delete
    ABS delete
    Battery relocate
    PDC relocate
    Coolant res. Relocate
    Washer fluid relocate
    Dual roller timing chain

    Medium term goals (next six to eight months):
    Dual rear mounted batteries
    Block hugger headers
    High flow cat
    3” in/out glasspack
    L88 hood
    Fat tires

    Long term goals/wishful thinking:
    Projector retrofit headlights
    EQ heads
    8.8 rear end
    2wd front axle
    44re out of a 2WD 5.2
    Roller rockers/valvesprings/pushrods/etc
    Mopar Perf. Valve covers
    24lb injectors
    Giggle gas
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    Garage full of PaP chit, 4-5 jeep projects laying around (for my one jeep), tears flowing everytime I pass it to go be a good poppy.

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    -burnt orange homebrew intake
    -relocated IAT
    -copper Autolite Plugs
    -180 stat with new WP

    -shaved emblems
    -shaved TSI pinstripings on cladding and bumpers
    -2.5% tint
    -aftermarket black corners
    -4.0 performance decals
    -plasti dipped grill and vent louvers
    -tow hooks
    -Noyka yellow fogs
    -black license plate cover

    -vic delete (2wd cubby)
    -pioneer hu ,factory amp delete , power acoustic tweeters
    -headliner delete

    - new 235/70/r16 Yokohama Geolander HTS's with TSI wheels

    Future plans
    -tinted tails and bumper lights
    -painted limited bumpers from JY
    -lift 2in spacers first
    -go thru tcase and axles and trans for fluid change and inspect
    - maybe shave cladding ,roof rack, rear wiper
    -safari bar and fender flares
    -paint job maybe
    - _#1big plan_ - completely redo/go thru the motor/engine bay , paint everything
    All new gaskets , delete evap, cruise etc...
    Not gonna unveil all my plans for this , but the bay should look sick when done and the 4.0 have ALOT more pep .
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    Great White Buffalo

    Nowhere to be found:

    • Roof rack
    • Under hood insulation
    • Spark plug heat shields
    • Exhaust manifold heat shields


    • 52mm TB from 1999BlkDakRT
    • Summit 8mm wires
    • Champion copper cores
    • Accel heavy duty cap
    • Accel heavy duty rotor
    • Custom air cleaner
    • Chinese catch can
    • PS pump cooler
    • New HB
    • Rebuilt 703 injectors
    • Insulated fuel rails
    • Polished AC compressor and lines
    • Battery relocated to back
    • Indexed Champion plugs
    • Lots of sparkly paint


    • Big arse tranny cooler
    • Rebuilt 249 TC


    • Bilstein 4600s all around
    • Eibach 2832-540 springs
    • General Grabber UHPs in 255/65r16


    • Rebuilt 44A with new LSD clutches
    • New CV axles up front


    • Cupholder insert
    • Dodge Viper key
    • Lotek a-pillar Gauge pod
    • Oil pressure gauge
    • Vacuum gauge
    • Ammeter
    • VIC replacement switch panel/gauge pod
    • Fancy Jeep embossed cargo liner


    • Pioneer TS-G1644R in all four doors and soundbar
    • Pioneer headunit with Bluetooth


    • New fluted eBay housings
    • Sylvania Silverstar Ultras

    Future plans (in no real order):

    • Addco sways
    • Wiper over flow relocate
    • Billet coolant overflow tank
    • MP valve covers
    • HS 1.7 RRs
    • iPad with mount
    • LC2/OT2 datalogging
    • More better-er intake manifold
    • Timken hubs
    • Poly bushings
    • Tuning
    • Exhaust work of some sort
    • Headers
    • Custom integrated subwoofer/amp enclosure
    • Cowl hood or hood scoop
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    • Roof rack
    • Grand Cherokee and JEEP Badges
    • All Skip Plates


    • 52mm TB from 1999BlkDakRT
    • Accel 8mm wires
    • Accel plugs
    • Accel heavy duty cap
    • Accel heavy duty rotor
    • Accel Coil
    • Modded Kegger
    • MSD
    • K&N Air INtake
    • 4 port rebuilt Injectors
    • relocated IAT


    • 242 swap
    • Rebuilt transmission 5000 miles ago


    • H&R Lowering Springs
    • Bilstein 4600s all around
    • Addco Front Sway Bar with Poly Links
    • Hellwig Rear Sway Bar with Poly Links
    • Continental LX20s with Ecosave 245/75r18
    • 18 Inch Challenger wheels with "Mopar" Center caps and staggered Spacers
    • ​Vented Slotted Front rotors with Ceramic Pad


    • Cupholder insert
    • Dodge Viper key
    • Husky Floor Liners EVERYWHERE
    • LED 4000k in all interior Lights


    • Deep slate Hood scoop soon to be functional
    • Deep Slate "Ricer Spoiler"
    • Chin Spoiler
    • "Boston Strong" Stickers Everywhere
    • 20% Tinted Front Windows and Courtesy Strip
    • Window Vents
    • Led "Mopar" Door Projectors


    • Kenwood Headunit with Bluetooth
    • 2 Antique 12's in sealed box with Pyle 2000 watt 6 channel amp waiting for upgrades


    • Retrofited tinted Ebay 1 Piece Headlights with Amber Led Bulbs
    • 5000k HIDs up and down
    • LED Amber Knight Rider Light Under Hood Scoop
    • Led Black Internal Tinted Tail Lights with LED 6000k Reverse Bulb
    • LED Matching 3rd Tail Light
    • LED 6000k License Plate Lights

    Have But Not In:

    • Headers
    • High Flow Cat
    • Aero Turbine 3030xl
    • mis' stainless exhaust parts
    • 4 Channel Amp for front and sound bars future Speakers
    • Polyurethane rear control arm bushings
    • Air Filter for ram air system

    Future Mods:

    • The Freaking noise in my front end to go away!!!( traced to cheap Chinese caliper)
    • HS 1.7 RRs
    • Final touches to ram air intake
    • Mopar Aluminum valve covers
    • New Speakers all around
    • Vented Rear Brake Rotors
    • Polyurethane front control arm bushings
    • Polyurethane engine mounts
    • A-Pillar Gauges with Trans Temp and Vacuum
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