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    My name is Alan To and I am from We offer low cost, high performance Wideband Oxygen Controllers for your automotive tuning needs.

    All my Wideband Controllers utilize the lowcost Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor.

    Here are the products I offer.

    SLC DIY Lambda Controller- DIY kit @ $99,
    -Get this if you are have decent soldering experience, not a kit for noobs, takes about 4 hours to solder.

    SLC Pure Plus Lambda Controller- Plug and play @ $160,
    -Priced similar to the innovate LC1 and the PLX SM AFR, but has; display, RPM pickup, USB, single 0-5v analog input for logging. This is a very high quality unit and backed by a 1 year warranty vs 6 months offered by innovate and 3 months offered by PLX.

    SLC OEM Evk - Simple DIY @ $100 (includes sensor and all parts),
    -This is an Eval Kit for my SLC OEM module, but can be used as a low cost and easy to assemble lambda controller, close in functionality to the LC1 and the PLX unit. Takes about 15-30 minutes to solder. $100 includes everything, you do not have to buy anything else.

    UAFC Piggyback Fuel Management unit @ $125,
    -This is a MAP/MAF voltage scaler for fuel management, same principle as the Apexi AFC stuff but much more tunable. Yeah, piggyback units suck because it jacks your timing up, but @ $125 it is hard to say no.

    -Good looking aluminum gauges at great prices.

    "Give 10" promotion,, do a review on select products and get free gear.

    Free Shipping promotion, I am offering a free shipping promotion from now till Christmas, that is a $15 - $20 savings. This promo stacks with the "give 10" promotion as well.

    To get Free shipping, order normally through my website. Then email me, "" and refer to "TSF-freeship", and I will refund the shipping costs to your paypal account.


    Alan To
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    thanks Alan, and welcome! i love my JAW 1.041
    1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited
    MPP Headers - Thunderbolt Metallic Cat - 3" Mag catback - EBC Brakes w/ drilled Rotors - 4bbl M1 - Vortech 12psi - Built trans & 2900 stall - Ford 8.8 - Addco & Hellwig Sways - Poly Bushings - H&R Springs - Grabber UHP Tires - Alpine/Infinity Stereo - FX-R BiXenon Retrofit

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    welcome aboard alan, ive heard good things about your products,and great prices too!
    1998 grandcherokee5.9.forged bottom,vortech T trim,220 cam,ported eq heads,and all supporting valvetrain,4bbl m1,sct tuned,headers/full exhaust,4.10 gears,and the usual bolt-ons,alcohol injection, martin saine 3800 pro billet stall converter

    2002 954rr kandy red with lots of mods

    2004 f4i. sick inovations cage,kandy red paint,polished frame,si round bar. dirtbike bars, dual caliper handbrake

    "wear a condom,i dont want to be an uncle to a bunch of space cadets on motorcycles lookin like you" -davit-

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