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    MSP Products introduction

    Hello all!
    My name is Martin Saine and I would like to introduce myself to this board and tell a bit about my business services and products.

    Martin Saine, MSaine Performance, builds and sells numerous driveline products for all popular domestic applications, diesel, and some import vehicles.
    Our specialties include Performance Torque Converters for Dodge, GM, Ford and some import applications and are available from mild street to street/strip, to full race, to billet custom units, including the best available multi-plate lock-up converters for the high performance diesel industry. We also custom build for exotic applications such as trans swaps, unique converter needs, obsolete converters, etc. Our goal is maximum performance with maximum effeciency for the application.

    We also offer the best available billet shafts and performance bands for all popular domestic transmissions in ultra high torque applications such as encountered with turbocharged big inch motors, performance diesel racing, etc.

    We also offer performance automatic transmissions for all Mopar rear wheel drive applications. 904, 727, 500, 518, 42-44-46 RH and RE, 618, 47 and 48RE diesel and V-10.
    Transmissions built for street/strip to all-out racing. Our entry level Street/Strip transmission is rated to 700 horsepower. Options available from there to cover your needs, whatever they might be. Call for pricing and specifications.

    We also offer performance valvebody assemblies for Dodge applications. The Street/Strip valvebody is built with our proprietary programming for lightning quick shifts, increased clamping force, and increased lubrication.
    There are a myriad of options available in the valvebodies from which to choose. For example, I offer a torque converter clutch by-pass option which eliminates the dreaded third gear "bog" by preventing clutch lock-up until the shift into Overdrive without triggering MIL light.
    Another option for extreme wheelers is a lock-up any time option which enables you to lock you converter in any gear, at any speed. This allows great crawling over low to medium speed terrain while reducing heat production and giving greater throttle control. Not recommended for stock transissions as the clutch count in low gear is inadequate. Great if you have one of our built transmissions though!

    Here's some basic pricing for the most common parts;
    46RE Street/Strip transmission. Rated for 700 horsepower. $1,850 + core + shipping. Includes valvebody with Street/Strip programming.

    46RE Street/Strip valvebody. $275.00 + core deposit + shipping
    Converter bypass option for above - $75.00
    Any-time Lock up option for above - $75.00

    46RE 28S converter. $275.00 + shipping
    Will stall between 26-2800 behind typical 5.9 small block. Dakota R/T owners regularly see ET reductions from 2 to 3 tenths from this converter alone.
    Includes furnace brazed fins, torrington bearings, hardened hub, performance clutch lining, custom stator, and precision balancing. Recommended for up to 700 hp N/A applications.
    Call for pricing on HD, Billet, or Pro converters.

    For the exotic applications we offer manual valvebodies, transbrakes, etc. Feel free to call!

    Installation is available for all products we sell at my SoCal location.

    Martin Saine

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    welcome martin! great talking to you. on top of great products the customer service is a+.

    as far as the converters you said that the 2600-2800s are good for n/a up to 700hp aplications, will they also be good for a boosted set-up to 700 hp or are they more a 550 hp boosted rating?
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    Hello Gregg,
    Thanks for the welcome!
    The converter rating at 700HP would be good for N/A and centrifugal supercharging. Large shots of nitrous, high boost positive displacement blowers, and turbochargers produce much more midrange and low end torque, so I prefer to talk to these guys when purchasing the 28S. Normally the 700 hp rating applies, but best to know your combination to get the right product. The HD upgrade takes care of these issues and adds $100 to the cost of the converter.
    The Billet and Pro converters don't have a horsepower limit.

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    Hi Martin,
    This is Davit, I ordered your valve body a while back. I actually haven't installed it yet< it is still in the box lol.... no time... I think I need to upgrade my tranny all together. Now can i keep the existing valve body and just put it in the new tranny from you, to save some money, or what do I do?
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    Welcome to the site. What about a valvebody for the 545RFE

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    welcome aboard! im glad to say that i havent needed to buy your trans (yet) - but after speaking with a few different companies, just the profesionalism that you had with me, as well as compeltely answering all of my questions was reason enough to ensure that i will only be using you for any transmission jobs i do in the future

    glad to have you aboard!
    1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited
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    Welcome to the forum!!

    Two thumbs way way up on Martin!

    I sent an email off to him with lots of my usual confusing question regarding the VSS problem and transmission swaps etc (I'm confused so I'm sure anyone reading it would be too LOL)

    So... even though he was out of town for a wedding he was kind enough to let me know he got my email and would be getting back to me. A few hours later he had a few minutes and was able to sort through my confusion and give some answers with the promise of getting into it further when he got back home.!

    You guys are right - customer service is above and beyond!

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    Hi Martin,

    old thread but I'm new to the forums...I working on putting together a fun 5.9 Jeep Grand Cherokee (goal is 10 sec quarters) and I hear you are well recommended for transmissions - plus I see you are in So Cal as am I. Based on my estimates, I am looking at a 408 forged stroker with a vortech S trim s/c and ported heads, big cam , meth etc etc...

    My goal would be to attain 600-650 whp. Is the trans you list in this thread designed for this kind of power or is the 700hp referring to flywheel power?


    98 JGC 408 stroker, ported MP heads 2.02/1.60 valves, 408x cam, m1 2bbl intake, ported TB, AEM CAI, Leach headers, high flow cat, Kolak cat back, built APS trans with 2600rpm stall, stock and refreshed 249 t case, front diff, rear diff - fixin' her up!

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    +1 for martin i just got his trans installed this last weekend and its great.. very professional and is a great help to answer trans related questions on the forum and whenever you need to call him..
    2010 Dodge Ram 1500 TRX-4 Hemi, 407lb Tq 390+Hp, Navigation, Back up cam.
    '79 Hydrostream Vector w/ 150HP Mercury Black Max outboard.
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    Hello All,

    One common thing I have discussed with customers the past couple of months is shipping costs.
    With the current state of the economy, everybody has got to tighten up the belts and keep their costs down.

    Consequently, I have decided to reduce shipping charges for my Street/Strip Transmission and Converter packages for the month of December.

    Anyone who purchases Street/Strip transmission and converter will receive the same quality and durability my customers are used to, but for the month of December I will pick-up most of the shipping cost.

    Core charges will still apply.

    46RE Street/Strip Transmission and Performance Converter - Shipped $2250 + $500 Core charge. 700 horsepower package.

    44RE Street/Strip Transmission and Performance Converter - Shipped $1950 + $500 Core charge. 500 horsepower package.

    This is a significant savings! If you are planning a trans build over the winter, now is the time to take advantage of the reduced shipping offer.

    I will also be coming out with some lower cost packages shortly for those who's needs do not dictate a high horsepower build.

    Martin Saine

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    I added your op to my board Martin....

    Supershafts recommends the use of MSP.
    ]=Long Island Driveshaft=[

    LIMA the racers voice

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