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    NA 408 or Vortech as a DD?

    Hey guys, been a while since I bugged y'all.

    So since decent built axles are like 7k, why not just keep my poopy axles and put that money to better use like the engine lol. Only tool I'd need to take with me to pick n pull is a hacksaw with a full charge when I need replacements lol lp30s/d44s scattered everywhere.

    Anyway, want to eventually run 35's. So 3.73s will be a bit tall, but shouldn't be an issue if I had more power. When I upgrade my trans I'm going to go with an even tighter lower stall converter. This is my daily and I still hate how the stock converter flashes to 2200 before I get moving. So much juicy torque right around 1500 being wasted away.

    NA 408:
    Pros- $1,500 cheaper, new short block, reliable, simple, sleeper.
    Cons-Stuck using smaller cam(smog, low end power), more work to swap in, limited to about 480hp 540tq.

    Pros- Better at altitude, sounds sweet, easily removed for smog, easy to work on, short block remains untouched, potential for up to 700hp, won't cry if I blow a stock 5.9, would if my 408 died for whatever reason.
    Cons- $1,500 more, can't think of any other cons lol. More stress on engine/trans/axles doesn't count.

    What are your opinions? TIA!

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    For DD, big tires, and lower stall converter, definitely 408. Vortech does nothing for low-end torque - only comes on at higher RPM.
    Of course you could do what I'm doing, and do both!... but It's orders of magnitude more difficult and expensive.

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