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    5.9 - Transmission dead, what are my options

    After 191,000 miles, and a year of showing its age, the transmission let go in my 59.

    For the past year, it was having frequent slips from 2-3 and 3-2 shifts, throwing an intermittent P0740 code, and the torque converter lockup was never good. After driving for a few hours, it would go into what appears was neutral. As i was coasting to a stop, it would occasionally kick back into gear for a few minutes. If i let off the gas it would always go into "neutral". One thing i could do to get it going was turn the engine off, then on, and i could drive in 2nd gear for 2-3 minutes before loosing it. This allowed me to limp it the 5 miles back home...

    Given the mileage and how the transmission was performing, I have had a rebuild in the back of my mind for quite some time, but was just going to keep driving it until it let go. That being said, what are some good options for the transmission? Are there complete setups that I can by, and just perform the swap? Or is it better to get a rebuild kit, and find a good shop to perform the rebuild. I am in Orange County CA, so i would imagine a good shop should be easy to find.... Is it possible I may not need a rebuild, and can get away with just replacing the torque converter, or something more simple?

    If the prices aren't insane, i would be open to looking into some performance options rather than a stock rebuild. I've got 3 cars, so I have some time to explore my options (not in a rush).

    Thanks for your help,


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    i'm not sure about the price, but martine-saine build some stout trannys!
    i think the member Tigersan just got one of those...
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    I'd say the same thing - if you want a performance build check with Martin Saine as he's in Cali. Hi contact info should be in our vendor section.

    I'm guessing it won't be cheap so if you just want it drivable a regular tranny shop might be cheaper.

    Before you buy any parts check with the shop you're going to use. They might not have a problem with it, or they might. lol.
    Using parts they didn't source could even lead to complications if there was ever any kind of warranty claim in the future.

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