hey guys,
sorry to bother you again,
i have a 242 coming from an 89 xj that i bought for cheap to swap into my 98 zj 318.
i know it won't bolt right in because the shaft going into the tranny has 21 instead of the 23 necessary.

a friend of mine has just tore apart his 247, the shaft in the pic is coming from his trasnfer.
it looks exactly like the one into my 249.

so...to save some time, can i use his part instead of taking apart my 249 to get that shaft? do you have a part number to check for compatibility?

thanks as usal

ps: if you're wondering, yeah i already have another 242 into my zj, but that ain't good...it makes some very bad noises, so i bought another one...fuc*.IMG_4421.jpg