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    Hello from interior Alaska

    Picture is from a few years back, pulling a roll back out of the mud, was stuck in a friends “driveway”
    Been lurking on this site for years and have pulled more useful information then I can even remember. I thank you all and hope to be able to help others in the future.

    Addiction started with a 98 XJ
    Currently I have quite the fleet. Alaska started doing permeant registration. If the vehicle or trailer is over 8 years old, $200 and tags are good as long as you own the vehicle!!

    5.9 Black 190k A few front end upgrades, sway bar, track bar, end links, wheel bearings and so on. double-roller, Special, extreme cold weather modifications. Auto start. Electric fan upgrade with manual override. AC delete. Soon new intake, cam, injectors and still working out the plans for the machine work. Sure I am missing a few things.

    98 ZJ 5.2 120k Black limited DD
    2000 XJ 150k 4.0 gray – injectors and tires upgraded rest is stock but will be lifting this summer
    72 scout 2 orange with a fresh Nisan diesel
    67 F250 crew cab black (originally green) Intact and rust free
    72 F250 ranger custom camper special white and green with a black hood (to reduce glare) in amazing shape and appears all stock until you open the hood, massive engine upgrade
    95 GMC 2500 suburban I do not feel proud admitting I own this but it does have a 454 in it
    91 Toyota pickup gray V6 stock and clean 170K
    93 Toyota pickup green lifted and banged up to all heck on the outside
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