Merry Christmas everyone.

I want to do a super budget power upgrade to hold me off until Zcode's kit is ready. Would rather not waste $1,000 on an intake manifold and TB if they're just going to be replaced with a twin screw. Currently have DT headers, SCT, 3" exhaust and air hat. Willing to port the stock TB. Under $300 for a regrind and springs sounds much better for the potential TQ/HP gains.

My water pump looks original and I'm sure the timing chain is due for replacement. Sounds like a good excuse for a cam swap. Recommendations for a cam regrind or who to purchase from? Will I need different sized pushrods even though I won't be removing the factory heads? Would I still need pushrods if I went with a new cam?

Not too worried about what the cam sounds like. Just need it not to throw a check engine light and be able to work with a supercharger down the road, at least better than the stock cam would. Since I'm using factory heads without porting and the stock kegger, I'd think my choices were pretty limited. Whatever will get this 2 ton jeep accelerating the quickest with it's ridiculously tall gearing haha.

With 235/75/16 tires 1st gear goes up to 61mph at 6500rpm. 2nd 103mph and 3rd 150mph. I don't plan on revving that high until supercharged but it'd be nice if the cam wouldn't fall on it's face. I think the kegger really struggles past 5000rpm but I may be wrong, not many dyno charts with large cams and a kegger.

Want some new heads but that's out of the budget for now. I'm not burning any oil or coolant at the moment at 175k miles. PO may have upgraded the heads before or something, no idea but she's running great. (And my sanity is somewhat restored after getting rid of that terrible exhaust rattle)

Took my uncles Cayenne Turbo on a trip to Tahoe, and my ZJ is definitely quicker off the line til about 30-40mph lol and rides smoother. Really made me appreciate the 5.9. He thought my Jeep was going to leave us stranded or something. Not going to turn down a free Porsche rental haha. But man that thing really scoots when you punch it on the highway. ZJ kind of just gives up at highway speeds. I'd love to have that kind of passing power in the Jeep... And then a brake upgrade.

Thanks for any help, happy holidays!!