Has anyone successfully unspliced the tweeters when replacing them. I'm looking to just extend those wires back near the amp to hook up to crossovers. Z88Z I know you have been all over the harnesses I hope you see this.

There is a generic statement found on the wiring diagram for Splice numbers S300, S301,S335,S319. But I was trying not to unwrap 5 feet of harness to find this stuff.

I am replacing the factory amp with a 5 channel alpine and a 10" kicker sub, new front components speakers with tweeters in stock location and coaxs in rear doors. Planning to delete the soundbar if it sounds good like that. I am holding off on getting the headliner done till I figure that out.

This is on the 82k mile niner I bought this year not the FAST one, I am restoring it to original with minor mods. Keeping the stock H/U

Thanks Guys hope everyone is doing well.