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    Are either of these legit Mopar M1 intake's for EFI??

    I came across these too Mopar M1 intake's...are they both for carb's??



    Are either of these legit or a bust?? I've been searching for a new intake manifold high and low and striking out.

    All i've really come across is this:

    I got my DT header's a few day's ago, still waiting on Kolak 3" exhaust. Already running Ford racing 4-hole injector's, Firepower Ignition, K&N CAI. My next mod's are Edelbrock RPM comp. heads; Harland Sharp 1.6 roller rocker's, Mopar Performance valve cover's, upgraded fuel pump (waiting on the fuel pressure reg.) and a lifetime SCT tune...stroker/turbo set up is going to have a wait until winter-ish until I have to funds.

    If anyone can steer my in the right direction for an intake it would be greatly appreciated!!


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    The M1 4bbl for carbs is still available. They have the injector bosses cast-in, just not bored for the injector ports. There is a guy on the national FB page who sells them pre-ported for injectors. That would be your best option for your future plans.

    The only other option is Hughes' Airgap FI intake, but the M1 will perform better, for I think about the same price. Or find a used M1 with factory injector ports - but they go for just as much usually.

    None of the ones you posted will work on Magnum motors.

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