Found this old photo from 2004 of my '97 5.2. Must have been shortly after I bought it because it still has the gold 'Y' wheels- one of the first things I changed (after brakes upgrade, of course!). Until it got wrecked by a deer, it had the 5-spoke wheels that are now on Bambi. The impact was so hard that both headlights popped out, the grill guard bent back far enough to break the radiator, and one of its steel tubes had a dent from the 3-point buck's leg... and the airbag did not deploy!? Insurance bought my platinum 5.9, Bambi, so named for that unfortunate buck. Bambi made me forget how much I loved that 5.2 ZJ until I found this photo. Did a few mods to it, though nothing like my plans for Bambi: Privat Kraftwerk wheels, sway bars, Callahan drilled/slotted rotors, Performance friction brake pads, mandrel bent exhaust, 3/4" budget lift, removed gold pinstripes to de-chickify it, blacked out door pillars, black grill, grill guard, K&N CAI, Hella 550 low beam driving lights (high beam driving lights make me angry, especially when people think it's OK to drive with them on all the time because they're 'driving' lights), glass euro headlights, and a mammoth subwoofer that barely fit in the cargo area. That Jeep served me so well, buying a niner to replace it was a no-brainer.
The telescope is a 6" f15 refractor made of titanium (named TiRex), with a 4.5" machined titanium focuser with over 12" of travel. It's one of a kind that I designed and made myself as one of my first machining projects. It won an award, and was featured in two astronomy magazines. It is as big as it looks in the photo - the main tube is almost 8' long. It's optimized for high magnification and contrast for viewing planets with a binocular-viewer, but I also made a 3" diagonal and 3" eye piece for amazing wide angle views of large deep sky objects. It's on a computer-driven mount from Losmandy.