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    Kill Story, Upgrade Questions

    well.. I haven't been on in a long time... good to see this site still here.

    I was on my way home and this 04 or newer gm truck (gmc or chevy) was on my ass the whole time and we were goin back an forth... revving at redlights... I was pullin hole shots on him.. one thing I chirped at him was telling him his shortbed was cute lol. anyway, theres a shortcut that I took that starts you at the bottom of a hill and the long way lets you get a rly big run for the hill..... I took the shortcut and he didn't, so he had a good while to get speed on me. I ended up hitting 119 according to my phone and then I let off at the top when he finally got beside me. the lovely PA state boy was sitting at the top when the truck went by me and the cop pulled out behind me, the truck turned off a back road and the cop was behind me, followed the truck instead (thank god, I would've went to jail most likely)..... anyway, the ol' 273K mile 318 did ok for having only an exhaust and pushing 32" tires. I mean, I won.... BUT

    what about 2 small turbos? Honestly, what would I need to do? If I only wanted to do 2 small Garret T3 turbo from a 2.2 or 2.5, what would I need? I would want to do this as a 'bolt on' only, meaning, I don't wanna change pistons, cam, crank, intake manifold... the most I want or could do is change the heads. I was told that 360 heads on a 318 lowered compression but flow better? having both of those on there with maybe only 3-7 pounds would hardly work enough to increase the intake temps, right? also, its a 95 OBD1 system, so tuning is automatically out, which is why I wanna keep it small, until I build my wiring harness. Ill explain that later.

    this is all on a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. all stock 318 and 249 tcase. the trans has upgraded Kevlar bands, shift kit, deep pan.

    turbos, wastegate, plumbing, what else?
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    i'd really love to see a setup like the one you're talking about
    i have no info for you, mostly a bump, sorry
    98 ZG 318 limited: np 242 swap,dana30hp swap,aussie locker, shift kit, optima red, 170lbs reduction, 5.9 vents, kn air filter, air ram, 1.7 HS RRs, SCT 93 oct tune, magnaflow muffler 12255, magnaflow hi-flo cat, spectre air hat, 2x52mm tb, 5.9 efan swap, ngk fr5-1 plugs, mopar perf wires, new cap 'n rot, maxxperf coil, iat relocation, roof lights, pirelli scorpions on masitaly 16x7 rims ET=0, ome HD coils +2",rubic exp +2"shocks, skyjacker ss, rubic exp adjustable front arms, jks rear+procomp front trackbar, prothane engine n tranny mounts, prothane sway bars bushings, drilled n slotted rotors, aeronautical front brake lines, purple led into front grill, hella h4s 100/55w, osarm h3s 55w.
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    How many miles on the engine? Maybe its worth an overhaul in any case - ?

    You could do what I am doing --

    Keep everything stock and use Scat 3.58 inch crank. 349 ci.

    (Yeah, I know you said you don't want to do bottom work.)

    I don't mind making another set of these pistons. Hell it might even be fun to do a block with balanced crank installed and mail it to you LOL.


    These should have a good quench effect. Only other things I am "upgrading" on the engine are 4-hole injectors, 1.7 rockers, and the Summit 3-inch exhaust. I'm also stuck with OBDI.

    Engine install was this weekend for me. First-time start-up any moment now.

    Nice that you have done the trans already. I did the same, added extra clutches also.

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