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    Hello from Portland Oregon

    Hey there guys, just picked up a 9er with 162k.

    Ive already had the transfer case resealed, and the rear diff rebuilt.

    However, I have a front diff whine, and would love for someone to confirm that indeed its a viscous coupler issue or something else.
    If someone is in Portland, and can let me know what it is, or wants to wrench I'd love the assistance and meetup with a fellow niner.

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    Welcome to the site!

    Hard to say on the diff thing but offhand it doesn't sound like the VCs. Not to say they couldn't be bad too though.
    If the VCs are bad, the most common symptom is the Jeep will do a bit of the "jump and jerk" when making low speed sharp turns like pulling into a parking space or driveway etc.

    Best thing if you haven't done it already would be to take the front diff cover off and check for material in there, take a look at the gears etc. That and you could try and move the input flange on the diff and see if there's any play

    You could maybe do a test drive with the front driveshaft off, but not sure how much that would tell you really. If the noise is still there it just confirms it's the diff, if not it could be the front bearings on the Tcase. Although if the VCs are shot the Tcase is turning the front dshaft anyway so you'd still have the noise.

    Throw some pics in the Member's Gallery - and enjoy the site!

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    If you haven't already, I'd start by changing the front diff fluid (since you haven't done it yet), and while you're doing it check out its innards as John suggested.
    I know you said it's in the front, but... whining is frequently caused by lack of friction modifier in the rear (did you add it when you did the rear?), or a need to change the transmission fluid and filter... and if you haven't done this yet you should anyway.
    May be wheel bearings too.

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