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    Ready to prime stroker with oil -- checklist anyone?

    The engine is on the stand with everything assembled except for the water pump, rocker covers, and manifold.

    I pressed off the gear of the old distributor drive shaft, and stripped down the old distributor. I intend to use these two parts to run the oil pump off an electric drill. This will properly prime the oil ways.

    I have $60 worth of purple break in oil ready to pour into the engine.

    Before I pour it in are their any last minute checks I should do?

    Anything I missed?

    Somethings I have done:

    - plastiguage bearings.
    - photo bearings to show oil holes good
    - torqued all bolts twice.
    - rtv sealant in the corners of the oil pan gasket.
    - check piston clearance to crank counterbalance with paper strip -- does not tear paper.
    - counter timing chain links dot-to-dot to verify like original
    - measured ring gaps -- did not need enlarging.
    - rings gaps at 180 degrees
    - rear main seal halves offset 10 degrees

    anything i missed???

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    Oil pan plug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukefromthecave View Post
    Oil pan plug.
    Simple, but easy to miss. Nice one.

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