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    Potential new 5.9 owner

    Hey guys,
    I should be picking up a 98 limited in a couple months once this semester ends. I own a 08 mazdaspeed3 at the moment and need a car with 4wd and off-road capabilities. I've obsessed over these cars for some time, dreaming of building a 408. Just a few questions;
    1. What are the average whp numbers made by N/A 408 builds? I plan on running either the eldelbrock alum heads or the EQ iron heads with 2.02 intake valves (seems like they both flow equally well?) , custom grind cam, and somewhere in the ball park of 10:1 compression.
    2. Whats the limit on the 46re trans? I've built multiple C4's, AOD's, and C6's so needless to say, I'm more than comfortable on pulling one apart. I also plan on doing the the hybrid trans case (Can't remember the name).
    3. Does anyone run nitrous on these cars? I used to have a 331 in my mustang that loved the stuff.
    4. Any other issues with the drive-train that might want to blow up with the added power? (axles etc.)

    Thankfully, I will be able to sell my speed with all the mods for around 15ish grand so I shouldn't be too short on money. All work will be done by me with the exception of machine labor.
    Hopefully all goes as planned!

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    Welcome aboard John. I'm sure those that are more knowledgeable will chime in. In the meantime I would suggest you search the forum. There is already a ton of great info on the subject here.

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    welcome to the group, look forward to your build thread with lots of pictures!
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