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    Trying to find Plenem plate

    How do I order a plenum plate for a 5.9 I'm getting ready to install in a B2500 Van?
    I have sent PMs to the guy who is manufacturing on this board. If i post the link everything get highlighted.
    how do I order this if he is still selling them. 1999BLKDAKRT
    Thanks for the help

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    All you can do my friend is send him an email via his yahoo account and then ebay. He has a 50mm tb for sale on ebay now. Try that way. He has been having some supply issues it seems so if you need one soon there is another source.

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    I quit making plates, no profit in it and took lots of time and fuel, where I live. Will check with my machinist/fab guy and see if he wants to take any orders.
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