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    Jeep w/trailer Vs 04+ GP GT

    So there I was minding my own business coming home from Menards making a left hand turn. This white 04+ grand prix decides I'm not accelerating quickly enough so he darts over into the other lane to do his thing. Well well well now we can't have that.

    There was one warm body in the Gp. The Jeep had myself, my father, 15gal of paint, and lots of other shit we purchased at the Menards. Oh and a 5x8 trailer with 10 pcs of 3/4" birch plywood, 100 1x6x8 tongue and groove pine as well as 25 1x4x8 pine boards.

    I shoved that pedal to the pavement and whilst my dad got all wide-eyed the Gp couldn't keep up. This certainly didn't make him happy and he flipped his brights on when I pulled in front of him because a minivan was lumbering along in my lane.

    Oh about a half mile down the road who comes flying by, the same white GP. He darted in front of me inches from my bumper and only a few feet behind the car in the lane he was leaving.

    Best part of the whole ordeal, my old man gave him the finger as he flew by. I laughed so hard I about pee'd myself. I then sat through a half hour of stories from "back in the day when I had my Camero SS" for the rest of the way home. That's sure a better way to start telling a race story to your a kid than "back in the day I had this Jeep" ...........

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    That is too funny! But on a serious note, when people are driving all slow until I try to pass them it just pisses me off (unless I was doing something stupid to deserve it) I have been known to stop in front of them and kindly remove their keys from ignition and laugh while driving away.
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    I actually laughed out loud while sitting alone in front of my computer at 4:00 in the morning. Funny thing is that I also owned a '68 Camaro SS Rallye back in the day.

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