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I'm in the process of doing the plenum repair and I saw that Dorman sold a kit that had just about everything that should be replaced when removing the intake manifold. Gaskets, bolts, everything. Fel-Pros set only includes gaskets and for 6-7 dollars more, you can get everything from Dorman. With the parts being so cheap, I figured I'd order both and use whatever parts I wanted from each kit. Turns out that price does play a role in quality here. Hopefully this helps anyone who looks for parts in the future.

Ordered from RockAuto
Dorman P/N 615310
Fel-Pro P/N MS953921



Intake Manifold Gaskets - Fel-Pro above/Dorman below
-Not too impressed, really. This is a good example at the difference between Dorman's and Fel-Pro's part quality. Where they cut the holes for the intake ports, there are lot of shavings and imperfections. The Fel-Pro set is very clean and consistent. I'd wager a bit heavier too. Fel-Pro wins.

Plenum Pan Gaskets - Fel-Pro above/Dorman below
-Acceptable. The Dorman's blue strips of sealer are not nearly as tacky as the Fel-Pro gasket. The holes also seem to be a bit too large for the bolts. The Dorman gasket's sealer applications isn't as careful or as thick as Fel-Pros.

Front and Rear Crossover Gaskets - Fel-Pro above/Dorman below
-The rubber or silicone isn't as soft and flexible as Fel-Pros. Maybe half as pliable as Fel-Pro's. Maybe acceptable, but I wouldn't use it. Fel Pro wins again.

By-pass hose
- Good. Seems like it would be fine.

Intake Manifold Bolts - Grade 8
- Good. Have washers. I would use anti-seize (copper or other kind of high temp) on these. Fel Pro wants $26 dollars for these alone. They may not be the best bolts in the world, but I believe with proper torquing procedures, these will do. I'm going to use them.

Plenum Pan Bolts - Grade 5
- Good. The bolts have a threadlocker already on them (red). I would use these if I was using a stock pan (I'm personally not).

195* Thermostat
- Not nearly as stout as the Stant SuperStat I installed this spring. When I received it, it wasn't seated in the hollow shaft and it was out of position.I had to push it into place. I wouldn't use this. Get something better.

Throttle Body Gasket
- Compared to Fel-Pros, not included in the intake manifold set, it seems to be on par. I would use this. Identical to what I've used in the past.

Thermostat Gasket
- Seems fine to me. Could be a little bit thicker and heavier.

Misc. Oring?
- The kit has an o-ring in it. I believe it's for the heater pipe that exits out of the driver-side of the water pump. I could be wrong on that one.

For the price, you get quite a bargain with the Dorman Set. Only 6-7 dollars more from just the Intake Gaskets from Fel-Pro. I personally like the Fel-Pro gaskets more but I imagine the Dorman kit would do fine. It's worth it for the bolts and misc gaskets alone. Overall, however, Fel-Pro seems to make a superior product.