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thats the only candid shot i could get before i would have gotten caught lol

09-12-2009, 05:09 PM
Black guy taking pics of cars - never good.

09-12-2009, 05:16 PM
Wow - you remembered! Thank you kind sir! :thup2:

What options if any, does it have - sunroof?

Is it rusty?

More importantly - is it for sale? It's even the right color!

BTW - why the fear of being "caught"? Boss one of them WAR types? LOLz :)

09-12-2009, 05:21 PM
Your welcome!

I know it has the 4.0, power windows and locks, cloth seats, no sunroof, no automatic anything such as lights or hvac. It has a full console, not the two piece you have seen before. As far as I can tell it is pretty rust free and in decent shape. Not sure of the mileage though.

He is only driving it for the time being because he is going through a divorce and since his truck was in his wife's name, it vanished lol. I will keep you in mind if he decides to sell it.

And yeah I have this thing about taking pictures of people's stuff while they are watching, I feel awkward lol.

09-12-2009, 05:29 PM
one shiznit whip 'aight?

f ya boss - whip out the nine and jack his shit!!

Or.. just ask him to tell you when it's for sale. Worth considering.

Shoulda gone for one of these for the lightweight project. That was the original plan. Even better than whatever weight savings are to be had - it's OBD1 so I wouldn't have to worry about emissions!

09-12-2009, 05:36 PM
I see what you mean...but I really don't understand what is so lightweight about them. The only thing it seems to be missing is all of the cladding. The interior on that one is basically the same as a Laredo's....

If there is something I am missing please let me know so I don't sound so ignorant lol

09-13-2009, 08:30 AM
I see what you mean...but I really don't understand what is so lightweight about them.

If there is something I am missing please let me know....

No you aren't missing anything at all, and you're right - there's not a massive difference in weight on these things. ....but if you want to get fanatical about the weight thing (and I do :) ) it is the lightest ZJ you can start with.

It doesn't have a sunroof so that's a good start, if it doesn't have a tow bar or skids it's that much better (do you know if it does?)

It would really be the 'ultra-strippos' among the Base Models where you'd start to see a lot of difference: Manual cloth seats, roll up windows etc.

I have no idea how 'strippo' these things got though. I haven't had a lot of luck finding option info about ZJs in general, the early ones in particular.
I wonder if they ever made a "service vehicle" model with less options than those available to civilians. I've seen sedans like that - no radio, heat only, no trim, rubber mats instead of rugs etc.

Were they ever available without AC - cruise - ABS? All that would be a plus obviously. I believe at one point even the roof rack might have been optional or not included for the Bases - one of the pics in my Base Model thread shows one without a rack and there don't seem to be any telltale nutserts left from it being removed either.

Of course by 95 it looks like the Base Model could be had with most of the options available on other ZJs so that muddies the water a bit further.

As far as that two piece console, that's a pic of a euro ZG. No idea if those were ever on ZJs. That would be a very tiny savings, like maybe 2 - 3 lbs if even that much but I like the idea that you could delete half of it. I find I miss my armrest when I've had my consoles out :)

So, as far as savings...

The door cladding: I doubt that's even as high as 20 lbs for all eight pieces of cladding, the clips and the metal pins.

Sunroof: About 30 - 35 lbs right off the bat, more when you count the extra framing, wires, drain tubes etc.

Tow package is somewhere around 75 I think, skids maybe about the same as a package, rack I think is 25. I've weighed all mine but I don't remember the specs at the moment.

I just looked up weight specs and I'm seeing anywhee from 3613 to 5000 depending on year and options so that's no help.

I have no idea how much of a difference there is in the shells between the early and later ZJs. I've always assumed the early ones wer a bit lighter but I'm not sure of that.

Other than that - early vs late ZJs.

93 evidently didn't have reinforcements inside the doors either - interesting.

From what I'm seeing it looks like elec windows and lock weren't available until 94.

No passenger airbags til 96.

Early ZJ leather seats seem to be a lot lighter material, plus they don't have heaters, lumbar pumps or a motor for the seat back. (I know I know... I shouldn't be talking about power leather seats on a lightweight build, LOL)

I assume the fixed glass hatch weighs a bit less. Guessing 10 to 20 lbs if you include struts, hinges, window latch etc. I weighed my fully dressed rear hatch when I stripped the 94 LTD. I can't remember that off hand either but I think it was in the neighborhood of 42 to 45 lbs. Haven't weight the later hatch yet.

That's all I got for now

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Jason - buy it!

Put Niner drivetrain in, go FAST!!! lolz

Thanks for the pics :)

09-20-2009, 09:52 AM
Jason - buy it!

Put Niner drivetrain in, go FAST!!! lolz

Thanks for the pics :)

nah its ugly to me lol.. i saw it at the casino in ocean shores.. it was in the employee parking lot a few months back..

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nah its ugly to me lol.. i saw it at the casino in ocean shores.. it was in the employee parking lot a few months back..

nah you're kidding right?

Take off the roof rack. Dump the Laredo bumpers and install nerfs, roll pan or new or old style body color ft/rr bumpers and grill.

Tear the rub strips off the sides and maybe fill in the indentation with either a nice accent stripe in a complimentary color, or maybe some type of graphic:
(70 Torino lazer stripe, 70 AAR Cuda fade stripe anyone? :) )

and of course the requisite 5.9 hood and rocker molding...

You'd have yourself a looker.


doooood! tell him I'm, like, a surfer and stuff. I'm not but if it'll get the rpice down....

Don't like the looks of that rust on the frt passenger door though. That would be the only hard to replace part of that whole Jeep.

Thanks again! :)